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The portable fat burner that helps you to lose weight, reduce cellulite and so much more

The ultimate portable
fat burner
3-in-1 multi-functional massager to shape and restore the skin
With its EMS technology that eliminates and accelerates the consumption of internal fat

About Maselead Pro

Maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle is extremely important. However, it's no secret that cellulite, love handles and localized fat are capable of resisting even the most challenging exercise.
  • The Maselead Pro system has been conceived to help you with that.
  • Its innovative technology acts directly on fat deposits without subjecting you to high temperatures or other aggressive processes.
  • The infrared rays emitted by the device are able to penetrate into the deepest layers of the skin to revitalize it and promote cell activation, leaving you with a rejuvenated appearance.
The best choice on the market


fat burner
The ultimate portable fat burner
Promotes blood circulation and tones
It helps to reduce cellulite, boost blood flow and tone the body
3-in-1 multi-functional massager
3-in-1 multi-functional massager to shape and restore the skin
With its EMS technology that eliminates and accelerates the consumption of internal fat
your cells
The infrared function rejuvenates your cells, promoting the lessening of stretch marks and strengthening your skin's elasticity
handheld ultrasonic cavitation device
The handheld ultrasonic cavitation device is easy to use. Once you connect to the power source, you are good to go


Is it safe to use the ultrasonic cavitation device?
Using the ultrasonic cavitation device is safe since it is a non-invasive method for burning fat. You can also use it to massage the fat away from your face or body without any side effects.
How long should I use the ultrasonic cavitation machine?
The application time depends on the part of the body you are treating. However, the average massage time per session is 20 minutes. You should also limit your usage per week to a maximum of three times.
Can I adjust the intensity of the ultrasonic cavitation machine?
The radiofrequency determines the intensity of the Maselead Pro cavitation machine. While using a higher intensity provides quick results, some areas like your face require low intensity. You can use the buttons to adjust the intensity of the sonic waves.
Is an ultrasonic device painful?
You won’t feel anything when using the sonic device. However, people with sensitive skin will feel a tingling sensation.
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Start using ultrasonic cavitation machines for effective weight loss

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